Season 1, Episode 13 "The Best Chrismukkah Ever" aka What's in Your Starter Pack?

It has twice the resistance of any normal holiday.

It has twice the resistance of any normal holiday.

Christmas and Chanukah are totally happening and that means one thing: the Bro-C bros have reassembled to talk about Chrismukkah and kissing each other. And Christmas traditions. And what would be in their starter packs they give to two girlfriends. And Alex talks about the time he dressed up in Wonder Woman lingerie and took a business ethics class. Also Jon says some pretty offensive things and Tyler takes meticulous notes. And they're still making jokes about cuckolding. Oh and Luke found out his dad is gay last week so he took this episode off. Only 78 episodes to go...

Episode description from Hulu:
"Seth combines Christmas and Hanukkah to form his own holiday; Ryan worries that the holidays will once again lead to family fights and drinking."

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