Season 2, Episode 8: "The Power of Love" or "Guess Whose Dick The Other Dicks Are"


I'm kind of jealous of the other "Bro C" podcasts who maintained like a regular schedule or whatever, but they probably don't kink shame like we do. Shoutout to you if you're still paying attention. 

Episode description from TV Guide:

"The Cohens' 20th wedding anniversary turns into a date that will live in infamy after they catch Ryan and Lindsey in a compromising position and Seth sneaking out of the house to meet Alex. Twice. While grounded. But neither of these crimes compare to what the boys pull when Sandy and Kristen try to steal one night to toast their marriage. Meanwhile, Summer fails to impress Zach's mother, and Julie drives the final nail in Marissa's fling with D.J."

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