Season 1, Episode 21: "The Goodbye Girl" featuring Harold Price, the "Accidental Co-Founder of The Bro-C"

To hell with this dude tho seriously.

To hell with this dude tho seriously.

How am I supposed to write a fucking podcast description when the love of my life is getting on a goddamn plane to Pittsburgh!?!?! You know how I feel about Pittsburgh. And her hair just got good again. Whatever. This week the bros are joined by Harold "Hbomb" Price, who actually brought the three bros together in the first place on Hbomb & Friends, which is a very serious video game podcast where the guests have to talk about video games. Bye Anna. Fuck Seth Cohen, she's #notyourshield anymore, GamerGate.

Episode description from Hulu:
"Theresa's decision to remain in Newport pleases Ryan; Jimmy witnesses an intimate moment between Julie and Luke; Seth races to the airport to stop Anna from leaving for Pittsburgh."

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